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Informace o produktu

The new Excellent Sulky is composed exclusively with high quality parts.
It is delivered in two boxes and is already partially assembled.
The Sulky can be further assembled by the buyer.
The wheels, bearings and brakes are already fitted, so you don't need any technical knowledge to do the final assembling on this Sulky.
Off the final assembly is simple and takes less than 30 minutes.

The deluxe version of this Excellent Sulky comprises of;

  • Powder coated frame in the color black with silver trim finished with an extra layer of lacquer for extra shine.;
  • The sofa has a whip holder and bokhoogte of approximately 75 cm.;
  • The perch seat is provided over the entire width of luxury synthetic leather and is about 5 cm adjustable;
  • Coil springs are mounted under the seat;
  • Hydraulic brakes with stainless steel brake disc;
  • A track width of 100 cm and weight of about 64 kg.;
  • Wheels with round spokes, 16 inch tires and matching fenders;
  • Round reflectors at the rear as well as securing hooks under the axis;
  • Height, length and width of the shafts are adjustable.

Based on the excellent qualitatiy of this Sulky, we give a 10 year guarantee on faults and/or defects in the construction of this Sulky Excellent.

Any maintenance can be carried our by the Excellent dealer network. Excellent, where quality is the standard.

Please contact us for information about shipping the Sulky outside of Europe.

Because of the scale of the Sulky it takes a little longer to ship. Sulky’s are generally shipped within three business days

Extra information:

• Very high quality sulky
• For those who are looking for comfort and quality
• With bench for two people
• Wide adjustable

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