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The new Sulky Cavalettie Sport with brake is the new and improved Sulky model, which has many new and improved features. These changes ensure safety and user convenience and ensure a better relation of horse and its carriage. Fender is added to the outside of the wheel (wheels with a 20 mm axis). Wippletree is attached 15 cm lower on the carriage. This prevents the weight of the car pulling the back breeching of the pony down. The shafts are adjustable in height. The pole consists of three separate parts, making the Cavalettie simpler to transport. The pole is adjustable at the tip height and also inward. The standard version of the new model comes in the color black with Sulky Cavalettie chromed wheels. Suitable for horses of 7 to 11 hands (80 to 115 cm). Track width of the sulky is 90 cm. The weight of this sport edition is 46 kg.

Because of the scale of the Sulky it takes a little longer to ship. Sulky’s are generally shipped within three business days.

Extra information:

• Deluxe version with fenders, storage mat bokkussen and whip holder
• bench has room for two people
• With brake
• Supplied as a kit. Possibly to pick already built by us for small extra cost. Inquire about the possibilities

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