Horse with a rug

When does my horse need which rug?

During the summer months, it's less complicated, but by the onset of fall and winter, everyone is running into it; Rug Choices! Which rug do you need for your horse when? How thick should the rug be to keep my horse warm? Does the rug have to be waterproof or is it only for the stable? Every horse, just like people, is different and therefore has different needs. So there is no specific rug suitable for every horse at that time. External factors such as the weather and temperature also influence this. 

Clipped or not clipped? 
First of all, there is a big difference between clipped horses and unclipped horses. A horse that is not clipped creates a thick winter coat itself. When an unclipped horse is cold, he will lift his coat. This way air gets between the hairs which insulates well. When a horse with winter coat is standing in the rain, only the top layer of the coat will get wet. The under layer of the coat ensures that the horse's skin remains dry. When you put a rug on the coat of an unclipped horse, you flatten the hairs of the coat and reduce the insulation of the coat. 

Clipped horses can no longer raise their fur, so they cannot keep themselves warm and dry without aids. Clipped horses therefore always need 1 or more rugs to stay warm and dry. 

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Inside or outside? 
The housing of your horse is also an external factor that must be taken into account. Is your horse or pony exterior day and night? Then he needs a thicker rug than a horse that spends a lot of time indoors. What kind of stable is your horse or pony in? Is it open or closed? Is there a draft or is it frost-free inside? 

If your horse or pony spends a lot of time indoors, a thinner rug or stable rug is sufficient. Horses going exterior need an extra waterproof rug. You can choose to create extra layers and, for example, place a rain rug over your stable rug. This is similar to putting on a coat before going out. 

Temperature indications 

In principle, an unclipped horse has enough fur to keep itself warm and dry. When an unclipped horse has little to no dry places exterior, you can choose to use a rug to keep him dry. Keep in mind that a rug lays the hair flat and your horse can keep itself less warm. Therefore, opt for a light, unlined rain rug. Clipped horses do need a rug. But which rug do you need at which temperature? 

15 degrees or warmer 
At temperatures of 15 degrees or warmer, you don't need a rug for your horse to keep it warm. These pretty spring/summer temperatures are fine for a horse or pony without a rug. With these temperatures you can choose, for example, a summer rug, fly rug or eczema rug. In this way the horse is protected against UV radiation and insects. 

10-15 degrees 
You can opt for a light, thin rain rug between 10 and 15 degrees. This can be a 0gr unlined rug. When it rains a lot, it is useful that this is a waterproof rain rug. 

0-10 degrees 
Between 0 and 10 degrees you can choose a slightly warmer rug of 100-200gr, this is usually sufficient. However, this differs per horse, so keep a close eye on what the horse needs and regularly feel under the blanket whether he still feels pretty and warm. 

0 degrees and colder 
If it is 0 degrees or colder, you need a thick winter rug for your horse or pony. This can be a 300 to 400 gram lined winter rug. There is also the option with or without neck piece. 

When you choose to combine rugs, you can create sufficient warmth in this way and make a difference between indoors and outdoors. For example, a stable rug for the stable and a rain or winter rug over it when the horse goes exterior. 

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The above information are only indactions and averages. Every horse is and remains different. When your horse is shivering, he is cold. So this is a sign that he needs a warmer rug(s) to keep warm. When a horse feels clammy or is sweating under its rug, your horse is wearing too thick rugs and needs a less thick rug. 

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